Do you know “The Secret”? As I see it, the secret is not to get sucked into magical thinking like this. The makers of this slick piece of marketing would have you believe that all you need to do to get anything you want, is to believe you will receive it. Guaranteed, works every time. Except when it doesn’t, in that case you obviously didn’t believe enough.

I’ve nothing against thinking positively, but work is also involved. The message is subtle but when they start talking about your thought waves going out and altering the Universe you just have to say “Sell crazy someplace else, we’re all stocked up here.” Seriously, this book and video play up to peoples desire to achieve a result without all of that pesky hard work that is usually involved. The same basic idea is in play with all of the diet drinks, ab-rollers, home gyms, self-improvement books/seminars/tapes touted on television that show the slim healthy happy people we all want to be.

The basic idea with the secret is that your thoughts, what ever they may be – for good or ill, will “attract” things, people and situations. The makers of “The Secret” love showing the rags to riches stories of people who just believed they could do it. They conveniently down play the hours/years of hard work and dedication that the truly successful employ to get where they are. Sure, you can be the head of your own company, be a CEO earning millions, have the life you dreamed of and believing in yourself plays a big part of that. But be prepared to spend less time dreaming idly and more time getting and education an proving yourself in the workplace.

The only wealth you are contributing to when you watch this movie is to the bank accounts of those who produced it.

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