The theory behind Chiropractic involves the idea of a special energy that flows along the nerves to all parts of the body and keeps us healthy. Blockages in the flow of this energy or “subluxations” cause disease and manipulations of the spine are meant to rectify these blockages and return the body to a state of health. This means that chiropractic theory opens the door to rejection of the germ theory of disease that much of modern medicine is based on and there are practitioners that do so. Chiropractic theory was first proposed within decades of Germ Theory being verified and it’s possible that the developer was sufficiently unaware of it that he may be excused.

Chiropractors, in keeping with the generally unscientifically supported nature of their art, will often incorporate other pseudo-scientific and borderline therapies into their practice. These other therapies might include and not be limited to acupuncture, homeopathy and therapeutic touch. They may also include alternative approaches to diagnosis such as Iridology, contour analysis, and applied kinesiology.

It is curious to note that in studies to determine the effectiveness of chiropractic evidence of an actual impinged or compressed nerve is sufficient to excuse a person from the trial. Now this is not to say that all Chiropractors should be painted with the same brush and there are those within the profession that are vocal in expressing their disagreement with the anti-scientific nature of the enterprise. So if ever you are in a position of visiting a Chiropractor ask a few questions to see what kind they are. If subluxations are brought up in a favourable way, make haste out of there. You can just a much safer massage from your partner.

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