Radionics appears to be a sort of umbrella term that refers to the healing of tissues from a distance using some sort of electronic device. Researching this concept can give you the feeling that everyone is just making it up as the go along, curiously. It appears to have all started with Albert Abrams, M.D. (1864-1924). Abrams made all sorts of claims from diagnosis by proxy to diagnosis via autographs, finally coming up with an electronic device he claimed could diagnose from a distance.

Various imitators have cropped up since Abrams with their own versions of his “BlackBox” with different variations of diagnosis methods and outputs of the device, ranging from wires connected to the patient and vials of blood to Polaroids on the diagnosis side and the feeling of stickiness or friction on a plastic or rubber pad for the output reading. If the practice was limited to merely diagnosis of medical maladies then that would be bad enough, however the promoters of these devices also claim to be able to heal the disorders uncovered and this is where the real tragedy is.

Pseudo-scientific methods such as this appeal to those who are disillusioned with current medical progress in treatment of the more pernicious forms of disease that still plague our world, especially cancer. If these alternative medicines are the last hope of the terminally ill then who are we to take that away? But the proliferation of acceptance means that some people will turn to the alternative first, leading to unnecessary pain, suffering and death. That is the answer to the question “What’s the harm?”.

Resources: -Would be funny if they weren’t serious, ok it’s still funny. -Look, our very own.

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