Along with acupuncture Feng Shui has as it’s primary concern the flow of Qi (or Ch’i). Instead of helping the movement of Qi through the body to keep you physically healthy however Feng Shui focuses on keeping your surroundings in harmony with nature and thereby allowing your entire life to flourish. Thus by arranging your house and office just so you can expect to sit back and watch the friends, lovers, money, respect, concentration, inspiration, health and well-being just roll in. No aspect of your personal habitat is left untouched by this metaphysical interior decorating, from what direction your bed should face to where to hang mirrors and which way doorways should be oriented.

Once again this is an attempt by individuals to assert some measure of control over their lives, that if only they make this or that easy change to their environment then life will be better. This isn’t necessarily a bad idea, if you life in a place full of pleasing architecture and uplifting decor you may act differently and feel more positive about your life than if all you see around you is squalor. That said, it doesn’t follow that any psychological benefits obtained this way should be chalked up to the mystical energy flow of the Universe. The illusion of control over the random happenings of the Cosmos is still just that, an illusion.

In summary, it should not be overlooked that the way someone views their life can have a profound effect on the choices and path that life takes. But, the drawbacks of following a course of action based on faulty reasoning about the fundamental nature of the world may also be profound, and in particular may lead to other decisions that could cause definite harm in the long run. Be free to live your life in the way best suited to you, though I’ve found reason to be a more reliable guide than magic.

Resources (Home grown nuts are the best.)