So, two posts in a single day, I’d better slow down or I’ll burn out. I thought though that this was important enough to get it up ASAP. Through several exchanges of emails with Shawn of the Discovery Promotion debacle, I’ve decided that I over-reacted to the whole thing. He has apologised about the misunderstanding and so I would like to publicly accept his apology and offer one of my own for my behaviour (I stand by my captions to the pics, that’s funny stuff right there). As it turns out Shawn mistook my site for that of someone who knew what they were doing, a complement really. I have decided to stick with my decision not to write posts to promote the Discovery channel but by way of an olive branch I have offered to include pictures and links in my blogroll. Scroll down and you will see a “What’s Happening on Discovery” section. So, thank-you to Shawn for being so understanding of my naiveté of the world of marketing and press releases and feel free to add me to whatever Discovery mail list you have and I’ll plug stuff I like.

For those just interested in the Adam Savage interview click Here, or scroll down if you are viewing this on the front page.