Today I’ve decided to send you away again.

First up is one of the magazine specials that we’ll likely see dozens of this year that centre on Darwin and evolution. It’s from BBC’s Focus magazine and covers topics such as whether humans are still evolving, What Darwin didn’t know, Evolution in action and how to argue with a creationist.

So Check that out, looks like an entertaining read.

Second up is a series of videos featuring one of the greatest popularizers of evolution since Darin himself (Origin of Species was a “best seller“). As well as one of the most controversial and inflammatory, Richard Dawkins. Whatever you think of this now public figure any discussion featuring him is instantly more interesting and his descriptions of evolution are carefully tuned to be understandable by a wide audience without spiraling into condescension. Produced for the National Geographic channel each video is high quality and only a few minutes long. Topic covered in the videos are the importance of Darwin, Fossils & Darwin, Why Darwin Was Right, Creationism then Dawkins’ views on God & the Universe that while in my opinion not strictly relevant to the scientific endeavour of evolution still is one of the first things that many people leap to when considering these ideas.

Again, head over there and consider yourself edified.

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