Alright, up until this point I have viewed the phenomenon known as Twitter to be the vacuous outgrowth of a shallow internet culture and considered it beneath contempt accordingly. That said we should always allow ourselves the opportunity to change our minds with evidence, with this in mind I have been persuaded to give Twitter a try. After only a few hours and having made only a single twat* I still like it better than Facebook.

Hopefully this new tool will help me bring to you, my reader, interesting info in a timely manner. Currently the average time between something coming up on my radar and actually writing about it is approximately 4 weeks. So sign up to follow me and we’ll see where this little experiment takes us, either I will use it constantly giving you a deeper glimpse into my interests and widening yours or it will die the ignominious death of complete abandonment and apathy.

* Someone with an ego the size of mine will never “Tweet”