October is Beast Cancer Awareness Month, or as The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation is re-branding it “Action Month“.

Because of this my post last week regarding the screening technology Thermography has been picked up and included in a blogging carnival. If you are not yet aware of blogging carnivals they are collections of blog posts from across the web highlighting single issues or interests, usually they are hosted on a regular schedule and pass from blog to blog.

Pick a topic you’re interested in and there’s likely a carnival out there dedicated to it. Anyway, Highlight Health is hosting this month’s edition of the Cancer Research Blog Carnival (#38). Go over and check it out, there looks to be a large selection of high quality writing gathered in one place and I’m honoured to have been selected to be included with the likes of Science-Based Medicine and The Scientist.

So get over there and educate yourself, learn about breast cancer screening effectiveness, possible new treatments, scams perpetrated on breast cancer sufferers, underlying causes and other fascinating topics.

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