Thanks to the incomparable Orac over at Respectful Insolence we here at Sciblogs have been made aware of an effort by Anti-Vax proponents to have their own consciousness raising week. The haven of anti science that is is promoting November 1st-6th as “Vaccine Awareness Week”.

Like the “World Homeopathy Awareness Week” earlier this year I think this is a great idea, we can use the opportunity to raise awareness of anti-vax misinformation. Like Homeopaths Anti-vaxxers are generally less than forthcoming about the cherry-picking and distortions that underpin the “information” they spout. To be fair, I have no doubt that most are sincere and want nothing more than to help people. I would venture that most don’t really realise that they are perpetuating myths (like vaccines containing anti-freeze, they don’t).

Still, you know what they say about good intentions – they give you excitations, or it that vibrations I forget. Anyway, I’m working on a couple of posts to publish during this time, those of a similar mindset may wish to do the same. I intend to give the week a NZ flavour but I’m aware there are readers of Mercola in our midst so I might throw in a bit of that stuff too if I have time. The more the merrier. It’s at this point I wish I had a flock of monkeybirds at my disposal, fly my pretties and spread the word.

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