Vaccination Awareness Week Round-Up

There’s still officially one more day of Anti-Vaccine Awareness Week (two really, as it’s an American idea) but here’s a round up of the posts anyway. While I know there are lots of great in-depth posts around the blogosphere on this the following list has been restricted to NZ posts to keep the local flavour. The posts are in roughly chronological order.

The University of Auckland Library at Tamaki Library blog Misinformation spread about HPV vaccine

Me Anti-Vaccination in NZ

Scott at Imperatorfish They Can’t Vaccinate Against Tin-Foil Hat Syndrome

Michelle at Skeptics In The Pub Vaccines: The actual facts (well, the links to some anyway…)

Alison Campbell at Bioblog on polio

Michelle at Skeptics In The Pub More facts about vaccines….

Me A Side Benefit of the ‘Flu Vaccine – Reduction in Heart Attacks

Michael Edmondsat Sciblogs Guest Work “I’m not a Scientist but …”; Dissection of an antivaxxer’s argument

Alison Campbell at Bioblog chelation quackery around vaccination

Grant Jacobs at Code for Life Immunisation, then and now

Alison Campbell at Bioblog homeopathic vaccinations – fail

The next couple are not specifically about vaccination but I think are worth a mention:

Grant Jacobs at Code for Life If presenting a claim on a popular issue

Megan Leask at Southern Genes This Week in Science History: 1-11-10

If anyone knows of a post I’ve missed then please feel free to add it in the comments.

[Edit] One more – Alison @ Bioblog vaccination & smallpox

For those of you interested in the international posts, blogger Liz Ditz has done an awesome job collating all of the posts here:

The Big List of Reality-Based Vaccine & Infectious Disease Blogging

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2 thoughts on “Vaccination Awareness Week Round-Up

  1. While getting even further away from vaccines, I’ll be putting up tonight an article that serves as a worked example of the thinking in “If presenting a claim on a popular issue”. (The example relates the vitamin C as treatment for severe pneumonia as per the now not-so-recent documentary on TVNZ, but I hope it makes the earlier, more abstract, post clearer.)

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