Just got sent this link by the irrepressible Aimee, a “Not great” article about the Vaccines vs Autism “Debate”.

Here’s my Media Score Card for this article:

Much rubbish, a few good points. I give her a C.

‘vaccinate at any cost’ = Strawman
Court decisions =/= Science
Incomplete knowledge = No knowledge = Fail
Anecdote =/= Good Evidence
“acceptable risk” argument simplifies risk/benefit assessment = Fail
“Teh Toxins” = Fail
Injection = Unnatural = Fail
“canaries in the coalmine” = Fail.   Can someone say “Mommy instinct”?

Respectful discussion = Win
Pro-information = Win
Complex topic = Win.

All-in-all a reasonable person sucked into the Vaccine -> Autism perspective.


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