I generally look with interest to see how people are getting to my blog. Often the referrer is Mr Google, the next culprit is usually Facebook, then there are pages where someone has posted a link to an article I written for others to check out. These are the most satisfying.

Sometimes it’s someone pointing out how stupid I am, many times I’m being used as a resource on some forum discussing AltMed. Today I found I was being linked to by a site called the Webwhisperer.

The Webwhisperer is a blog run by a UK doctor who is attempting to create a resource of reliable medical information, mainly for the doctor’s own family to access it seems but I think it has wider appeal and application.

Since the beginning of the year the Webwhisperer has been running a series on infant teething, the fifth and latest post is a link to my own article on Amber Teething Beads with a favourable intro. Ok, so I’m referred to as a mother but I’ll let that go (mainly because comments are disallowed and I can’t see any other way to contact the author. But also because I’m secure in my masculinity. Mostly).

Teething is something that can be quite distressing for new parents and is a topic that that every family member has an opinion on the best way to handle. A medical resource that gives factual information can be invaluable. So check it out.

There are many, many other topics covered on the site from allergies and alopecia to breast implants and pregnancy. I plan to browse it regularly. You should too.