Ok, it’s been a couple of days now and about 400 people have responded on the quiz. Amazing!

Some updates: I’ve added some demographic questions so if you have already filled out the quiz you can do it again to fill out the new data set! YAY!

Questions look at age, education level – that sort of stuff.

Anyway what have we found so far?

Average score is 24 with 68% of respondents being within +/- 3 points of this value (1 standard deviation for those who remember such things). The lowest score 4. A mere 7 respondents scored lower than 15. Almost 380 people got 20 or higher

With each subcategory of the test being so small (5 questions or less) and with so many people getting greater than 20 these are pretty difficult to interpret – so I won’t.

If anyone wants the full data set I’m happy to provide it, it’ll only get better and more interesting with those demographic questions added, so take it again – really – that would be cool. And pass it around especially if you have colleagues, family and friends that are outside of the science arena!

Here’s the link again. Enjoy, it’s fun – honest.

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